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  • Waifu Uncovered

    One-Hand-Free Studios





    Rescue your possible WAIFU from the space alien invasion. Simple EASY TO PLAY strip women up action game! Destroy the deep infected clothes to save the girls from the fatal virus!



    Star Features

    • 8 Ecchi Waifus to save.
    • Uncensor unlock system. A.K.A: Clear view system. Play fully censored or uncensored, your choice
    • Unlockable one hand mode with Sausa-Ship. Perfect for… er… playing with with a mouse.
    • Online leaderboards. Share your online scores all over the world!
    • Multiplayer: play alone or with a friend local or via team Remote Play Together.
    • Gallery with nice visual effects, ready to be printed naked or dressed.
    • High quality art.

    Other Features

    • Standard (easy) and Arcade difficulty modes.
    • Achievements!
    • 8 different boss / guardians.
    • Bonus levels.
    • 5 unlockable ships . They are different from each other! Lots of power-ups.
    • Arcade feeling.
    • Horse Ninja savior. It’s the main character.


    - THE END -

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