SWITCH 《越野驾驶模拟器4×4》

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  • Offroad Driving Simulator 4×4: Trucks & SUV Trophy




    Ride your truck through the mountain trails and overcome obstacles on the way. Drive the 4×4 vehicle and become a true offroad driver.

    Go for extreme offroad drive, desert, forests, mud road and snowy wastes are waiting for a good offroad SUV driver! Try our new 4×4 offroad driving simulator – a cool offroad driver game with hill climb driving, lots of cool 4×4 and 6×6 trucks and tons of offroad game fun!

    > Go on an epic offroad trip across FOUR REGIONS

    > Drive DOZENS of various TRUCKS and SUVs

    > Purchase VISIBLE UPGRADES to improve your driving

    > Use WINCH, DIFF LOCK and other special mechanisms

    > Complete special MISSIONS and CHALLENGES for rewards

    Offroad championship!
    Global offroad driving contest is about to begin! Prove that your are the best at offroad driving across four regions with different conditions and trials on trucks of three various types. Prepare your self for a lot of extreme challenge – start your engine and go offroad!

    Powerful 4×4 cars!
    Get behind the wheel of all sorts of offroad vehicles of various types and classes, from a regular 4×4 SUV to gigantic monster-truck. Each is equipped with special offroad driving devices, like winch, and can be visibly upgraded for better performance. Use all you have to get and edge in driving!

    Driving challenge!
    Face various challenges of the extreme offroad – cross rivers and snowy forests, climb up hill and crawl over rocks. And complete various additional challenges and mission to get cool rewards. Make your own way to the title of the champion!

    Take part in Pathfinder trials – the most extreme offroad driving tournament ever!




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