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    《鹰之岛(Eagle Island)》是由Pixelnicks制作发行的一款2D横版动作冒险游戏,本作讲述的是主角Quill带着自己的猫头鹰宠物Koji在鹰之岛上营救好友的冒险故事。《鹰之岛》采用阶段化随机生成关卡,游戏的战斗机制十分独特,玩家将Koji向八个方向扔出造成伤害,但扔出猫头鹰的时候会受到伤害。而且如果扔出去的猫头鹰没有击中敌人,就会留下更长时间的破绽,所以玩家必须小心对待每一次攻击。


    Discover the avian world of Eagle Island with Quill and his loyal owl companion, Koji. Explore lush forests, treacherous caverns, and uncover the ruins of long lost civilizations on your way to confront the Guardian Eagle, Armaura, in a desperate attempt to rescue Ichiro from her clutches.

    With its falconry-inspired gameplay & uniquely generated worlds, Eagle Island is set to a beautifully modernized pixel art aesthetic and provides a breath of fresh air to roguelite platformers.

    Taking inspiration from roguelites, Eagle Island can be enjoyed in a variety of ways — from short, focused speed runs to a sprawling, narrative-driven adventure.

    • Story Mode – uncover the mystery of the Island of Yulu while earning permanent upgrades for Quill & Koji!
    • Rogue Mode – test your skills in a series of 16 unlockable challenge maps – permadeath awaits!
    • Weekly Speedrun – a new map every week, compete and rise up the leaderboard!
    • Explore a handcrafted hub world with procedurally generated dungeons
    • Mix & combine 85 different perk abilities with each gameplay run
    • Magical feathers imbue your owl with elemental abilities
    • 16 beautiful environments to explore
    • 12 huge boss battles

    Quill’s arsenal of moves consists of running, jumping, and a cliff-hanging ledge grab – keeping to it’s classic 16-bit inspirations. To survive, you’ll need to defeat & subdue threats with the help of your owl companion Koji! Cast Koji & launch attacks in 8 cardinal directions — dispatching enemies in quick succession for chain combos earns greater rewards. Miss an attack and Quill is left vulnerable while waiting for Koji to return. If Koji is injured or incapacitated, Quill will be briefly defenseless and must take evasive action until his owl friend recovers!


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