SWITCH 《犯罪剧场:蝴蝶效应》

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  • 犯罪剧场:蝴蝶效应Crime Opera: The Butterfly Effect

    Ratalaika Games ,  Crime Opera Studios




    Explore a tale of loyalty, deceit and murder through the eyes of a Mafia family’s children.

    Following the sudden death of a mafia family’s matriarch, her sons Gerald and Xander are put on the defensive as former partners threaten to take over their collective business ventures for themselves. See through the eyes of the Gallo children as they witness murders, kidnappings and other crimes wrought upon their households by their own fathers.

    Crime Opera explores both the strength and frailty of familial bonds, presenting its narrative in beautifully illustrated style. Customize your experience by deciding to read straight through it like a kinetic novel or make choices that impact the story like a visual novel. Either way, this complex and effectual tale is bound to grip you from beginning to end as a life of crime spirals out of control.




    • See through the eyes of 6 children born into a world of crime.
    • Explore an intricate narrative across 24 chapters.
    • Decide whether to play with or without choices that impact story.
    • Enjoy beautifully illustrated backdrops and character sprites.




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