SWITCH 《奥术艺术学院》

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  • 奥术艺术学院Arcane Arts Academy





    Erika has always felt different. Somehow, she just never seemed to fit in. To her the world always seemed to have some hidden meaning she could never quite grasp… until

    Welcome to the Arcane Arts Academy, home to a magical menagerie of wonders! Join Erika as she adjusts to her new life and takes on the unique struggles and challenges of everyday life as a magical college student. She’ll make new friends, and maybe even find love… but she may also find unexpected foes! Something sinister lurks in the shadows, seeking to control Erika’s magical abilities. Perhaps not all is as it seems after all!




    – Join Erika and find out who—or what—is lurking in the shadows!
    – Experience a Time Management game in an unforgettable magical setting.
    – Enjoy gorgeous artistically-rendered environments perfectly suited for mobile devices.
    – Play 60 engaging levels offering hours of unique gameplay.
    – Watch 120 beautiful story-driven cutscenes (including a unique intro and outro for every level).
    – Spend diamonds to decorate Erika’s dorm room.
    – Immerse yourself in the magic with an enchanting atmospheric soundtrack.

    In Arcane Arts Academy, you will be tasked with helping Erika in her various magic classes. Grab items and combine ingredients into wonderful new creations and spells. But be warned—everyone has limited patience, including teachers and students! Manage your time and actions well to earn rewards. Perform well to receive stars from your classmates and diamonds to decorate your dorm room.




    - THE END -

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